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About Our Interior Design Team

Christie Hausmann Design is a full-service interior home design firm based in Santa Cruz County. We specialize in residential projects in four major categories: full home remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and interior "redesign" projects (no moving of walls or electric, just revitalizing a space through design). Occasionally we'll handle a commercial project, but we mostly love the passion and personal vision of homeowners and using our expertise to bring that to life in unexpected ways. Contact us to share your vision with our expert team of passionate interior designers. 

Our Team.

black and white headshot of interior designer Christie Hausmann
Christie Hausmann
It all began with yellow carpet and rainbow wallpaper. Allowed to decorate her room for the first time, she sent her parents all over central Ohio looking for just the right shade of yellow shag. While the results may not have been featured in House Beautiful, a passion for finding just the right design solution was born. Growing up with a very creative father who was both an industrial designer and an architect, Christie was encouraged to pursue her passion for art and design.


After majoring in photography and design and spending many years as a graphic artist and on event spaces, she has developed a keen eye for space and color. As a mother of two children, an appreciation for durability and practical living has been of utmost importance on almost every project. Christie loves to use her diverse background of skills and connections to delight a client. That may happen through a custom-made dining table crafted from felled trees in the Santa Cruz mountains or a flea market find of antique bowling pins for a client's sports den. The exciting part of her work is that each project brings more opportunities to solve design challenges in new and interesting ways.

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Shannan Ketelsen

Shannan’s love of natural environments, her 20-year career in action sports and her innate creative eye give her an uncommon and valuable perspective in her interior design work. An avid cyclist, she managed the global Bell Helmet business and was responsible for the full product development cycle requiring equal parts creativity and project management. In that role, she delivered a product line-up each year that stayed true to the brand's design language and communicated Bell’s values and heritage. These same ideals are present in how she tackles home design projects, by reimagining spaces that authentically represent a client’s personality.


After leaving the action sports world, she focused her energy more specifically on home design. Several personal home remodels and ground-up builds over the past 10 years have helped hone her design sensibility. 


When she’s not playing outdoors with her many recreational interests, she’s pinching herself that she gets to exercise her love of combining beautiful shapes, textures, and colors to define something uniquely suited for a client’s needs.

 black and white headshot of Kim Scaboo
Kim Scaboo
Project Manager

Kim is the engine that keeps this vehicle on the road. She has an incredible brain for project management with the finance and organizational skills that a creative business so desperately needs. But she is no dry finance manager. She is warm and funny, and loves her kids, pets and chickens (Is that redundant? Are chickens pets?). The only downside is that we may lose her soon - she just started taking drum lessons from the drummer of Blue Öyster Cult! We are lightly supporting the hobby while discreetly trying to sabotage it in the background. We need her too much!

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