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Full Service Interior Design in Santa Cruz, California

Christie Hausmann Design is a full service interior design firm based in Santa Cruz. We specialize in whole house remodels and renovations, interior furnishings, and decorating services for your current residential home, beach house, or second home in Santa Cruz County and beyond.

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Featured Interior Design and Remodel Projects

We love all our children, but below are some of our favorite projects at the moment.
If you would like to dive in deeper, see all projects.


With plans to start a family in the near future, this couple wanted a remodel that would give them a home that was both artistic and family-friendly.

remodeled living room with a view of the new modern fireplace
remodeled bathroom with a sleek modern sink faucet mirror design and light blue wallpaper

With a tight deadline and many moving parts, this design project was a labor of love between us, the clients, and the contractor - and we are so happy with the results!


This client wanted a fresh start, taking only minimal items from her old house when she moved. We gave the kitchen and half bath a facelift, and then decorated the rest of the house with all new furniture and decor, while incorporating her unique family pieces and funky art. The result is a house filled with fun and unexpected surprises, one of our favorites to date!

Artsy living room interior decorated
Renovated bathroom in blue and green color design

This funky Santa Cruz house was originally painted entirely in a tired pinkish white. After stripping and refinishing the beams and brackets, the whole house was painted in a crisp white, instantly updating the space. We also renovated two bathrooms including one to grow with two little boys. The other - the primary bath - has a modern, rustic vibe. 


A kitchen remodel was planned for five years later, but an unfortunate (and large) leak from an old refrigerator changed the timetable. After considering the costs and impact to family life of doing two remodels, we convinced the client to move up the full remodel rather than do a quick fix with the insurance money. Who wants to live through a remodel twice?

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